Problem Solving Hackathons

Our Industry Problem Solving Workshops, commonly referred to as hackathons, allow public and private sector organizations to propose problems that academic researchers have just five days to solve. The resulting efforts produce innovative results, often generating major breakthroughs for the industry partner and new professional opportunities for the problem solvers.  


Problem solving hackathons may focus on a specific theme, like finance or pharmaceutical industry issues, or they may encompass a variety of challenges in manufacturing, healthcare, energy, connectivity and scientific research. 


Since 2016, Fields has organized nine Industrial Problem Solving Workshops, convening a total of 656 registrants and addressing 57 industry and research problems. Past industry partners include 500px Inc., University Health Network’s Toronto General Hospital, the Co-operators Group, Imperial Oil, National Bank, Pfizer, Rio Tinto, Sanofi Pasteur, Scotiabank, and the National Research Council, among others. 

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